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Are you tired of suffering from severe neuropathy pain?

You don’t have to suffer from the painful symptoms of this condition. The doctors at our office are prepared to offer effective pain relief solutions to those who suffer from:


Intense Leg or Foot Pain


Trouble Walking Up Stairs


Weakness In Legs or Feet


Loss Of Mobility

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A Message to Anyone Who Suffers from Serious Neuropathy Pain:

Chronic pain and limited mobility are terribly frustrating.

Limited range of motion and function, along with pain and discomfort, can put a serious damper on day-to-day activities and your ability to enjoy life .

For many, it can cause sleepless nights, an inability to work, and extreme difficulty completing simple tasks such as picking up a basket of laundry, carrying groceries, cooking. Not to mention, missing out on spending quality time with your children or grand kids.

Have you ever wondered why lasting relief is so elusive?

Why haven’t scientists found a lasting solution for chronic, debilitating pain?

With all of the latest breakthroughs in medical treatments for conditions like diabetes, cancer, and even migraines, why is it that effective treatment for chronic neuropathy pain seemingly does not exist?

If you’re like most neuropathy pain sufferers, you’ve probably tried a variety of typical treatments with little to no success, such as…




Exercises and Stretching


Prescription Pain Medications


Physical Therapy & Rehab

Take a moment and imagine…

Waking up in the morning, energized and pain-free, excited about the day!

Getting back to all of your favorite activities and pursuits, pain free and without limitations.

Being able to once again enjoy all that life has to offer, free from pain and lack of mobility.


There are multiple CRITICAL COMPONENTS to our treatment system:

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser therapy – sometimes known as “class 4” laser therapy – uses specific light wavelengths to penetrate damaged tissue and begin the healing process. Our neuropathy specialists can choose the exact depth that the laser will penetrate in order to target the root of your pain. When the infrared laser comes in contact with the tissue, the body begins to produce adenosine tri-phosphate, which the cells use for energy. This process stimulates the damaged cells, which then results in healing, reduced inflammation and pain, and improved nerve function and vascular activity.

Microvascular Therapy

Microvascular therapy stimulates the development of collateral circulation to improve perfusion in Arterial Insufficiency cases. Stimulates Angiogenesis and increased pathways in the capillary beds to aid in cases of poor tissue perfusion. Example: Diabetic wounds and capillary beds in tissues damaged by radiation treatments with the resulting poor tissue immunity and healing can be improved. Increases tissue perfusion and oxygenation during the treatments to promote healing of various ulcers and wounds. Promotes an inflammatory response in the treated area that results in increased tissue perfusion and metabolism for up to 2 days after a treatment to aid in healing and revascularization.

Vibration Therapy

Vibration Therapy is necessary to stimulate the damaged nerves in an attempt to restore normal nerve transmission. Vibration Therapy stimulates the body’s own neurotropins, a group of factors which when properly controlled will enhance nerve repair. For someone with a nerve degenerating condition like neuropathy, nerve repair is VITAL. Vibrational Therapy has been used for years and is one of the cutting edge therapies that several major sports team utilize to increase neuromuscular strengthening.

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