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Are you tired of suffering from severe neuropathy pain?

Blueprint to Neuropathy is a gentle, drug-free, and long-lasting pain relief treatment that has helped many people who suffer from…


Numbness, burning, or tingling


Sharp, electric-like pain


Difficulty sleeping from leg or foot discomfort


Trouble walking up stairs


Diabetic nerve pain

Blueprint to Neuropathy is an exclusive treatment option only available at a select few, top-rated practices in the entire country. Fill out the form below to claim your free consult and to learn more about this new, cutting-edge treatment program.

A Message to Anyone Who Suffers from Chronic Neuropathy Pain:

Chronic pain and limited mobility are terribly frustrating.

Limited range of motion and function, along with pain and discomfort, can put a serious damper on day-to-day activities and your ability to enjoy life.

For many, it can cause sleepless nights, an inability to work, and extreme difficulty completing simple tasks such as picking up a basket of laundry, carrying groceries, cooking. Not to mention, missing out on spending quality time with your children or grandkids.

We offer a scientific, 4-step proven approach that heals your nerves and reverses your symptoms by:


Increasing blood supply to your nerves.


Repairing and re-educating your nerves.


Increasing the blood flow in your feet or hands.


Increasing your balance and mobility.

If you’re like most neuropathy pain sufferers, you’ve probably tried a variety of traditional treatments with little to no success, such as…




Exercises and Stretching


Prescription Pain Medications


Physical Therapy & Rehab

Take a moment and imagine…

Waking up in the morning, energized and pain-free, excited about the day!

Getting back the feeling in your hands and feet. “I can feel my gas and brake pedals now!”

Get relief with no surgery, shots, or addictive and dangerous medications.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our patients say…

“Dr. Briggs and his staff are amazing! They truly care about the people they treat and are so warm and welcoming every time we come in. My family has experienced relief for both chronic and acute conditions.”


“Dr. Richard Briggs is a natural, holistic practitioner who offers a terrific and, more importantly, drug-free alternative to medical care. Dr. Briggs goes above and beyond to not only get rid of pain, but to help ensure it doesn’t return.”


“Dr. Briggs is a quality person. I’m so thankful that I found him. He has helped me in many different ways and I believe he is gifted to be a chiropractor. His great sense of humor and lightheartedness make the visits so pleasant even when there is a lot of pain.”


Are you ready to learn more about our Blueprint to Neuropathy treatment and its proven ability to give life-long pain relief?

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